MKTG 1112 - Customer Relations

Customer Relations, Customer Service is the heart beat of any successful organization. The relationships that a business has with its customers and the way in which it treats them separates their organization from the competition. Customer Relations is more than "grinnin' and spinnin'". Delivering excellent customer service takes great skill, attitude and focus.

It’s all about customer expectations. In today's highly competitive markets most offerings (products, services) tend to be fairly similar or even identical. What sets them apart is their customer service.

MKTG 1323 - Effective Public Speaking

Effective Public Speaking is a vital skill that dramatically enhances your business skills set -  in any language, any culture and for any occasion. It demonstrates leadership, and is very effective for marketing yourself. In the professional world Public Speaking is used to market an organization, to  convey an organization’s policy to fellow employees, and to assist customers.

Your new-found presentation techniques, confidence, and speaking skills will find success in the classroom, at job interviews, in meetings, or any occasion where you need to have your voice heard and understood.


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